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Nordanner ref
4896 Extremis by Moon-illusion 9283 Bukardia by Moon-illusion9332 MIS Toskana by Moon-illusion

 reference picture of your horses.
Rytsar' 080 by Moon-illusion
Chalcodes  065 by Moon-illusion
Classic or Light
Gender: mare (stallion + 1500 points) 
Color hair| fuel
Zoombie or Classic

Gender: mare (stallion + 1000 points) 
Color hair| fuel
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Horse traning
Traning Rev cross by Moon-illusion
Leo bracing by Moon-illusion
MR jumping by Moon-illusion
Lines and shading.
Earl green ID 001 by Moon-illusion
Random colors + rare armor outfit.


Annual Dragon Hunt 2014 by Moon-illusion
Annual Dragon Hunt 2014
Thank you very much for the translation Kurooukami Hug 

Russian =====>  OhotaРешили устроить погоню за драконом на мулинах. В итоге дракон гонится за всадниками нарушивших его покой. Со словами "Главное не победа, а участие в соревновании" крича

The team decided to make a pursuit of the dragon on moulins. In the end, the dragon chasing riders who violate his rest. "The main thing is not victory, but participation!" - shouted Gerhard, bringing all on an unprecedented path, which leading to the rocky mountains.

Gerhard: - How we dont find the dragon? Find! And get trophy from him, in the form of scales or colored crystals!
Vlad: - Yeah, if he doesn't kill us while we wander around this area!
Solomon: - And is this dragon can't fly?! 
Vlad: - We're going to the cave, and there will not fly...if only out of the saddle.
Gerhard: - The main thing is not to destroy the horses, and we'll get somehow.
Vlad: - Well of course! You poured half of the bottle of potion to Reva and she now has wings. What do you worry?

Four horsemen more than half of the journey passed in silence. Gerhard was always ahead and closed this chain a Christian who didnt believe in all this nonsense with dragons, which does not exist.
- I was against this idea from the far you all have suffered, tell me? - slowly drove his horse Christian, - Is at home so boring?
- What do you say? If we are lucky, we will find a bunch of stones! - Gerhard spread his hands, showing the desired weight of the jewelry.
- Rubies, sapphires, emeralds...and what this dragon gives? - Solomon squinted, peering into the distance. - How far we shall go?
- If we get there. Nazim already sweating while went a gallop through the forest and field. Maybe we will not encounter this animal. - Vlad looked at Christian, who drove tail at all without any optimism.
- I'm talking about the same thing. Dragons - fiction! And in this cave we except just some little stones, nothing else.
- And what about the dinosaurs and large lizards? - said Gerhard.
- Gerhard, it was many centuries ago!
- I wouldnt say so! - Sol pointed towards passing a huge silhouette.
- It will do nothing for us! This is just someone has tried that we didn't relax! - Vlad went forward, and Gerhard decided to walk the rest of the period of time in the air.
Already it was getting dark, and the band cant find a trail of the dragon. Only upon reaching the mountains, it became clear outline of a huge cave, which presumably could exist this monster. The closer to the entrance to the cave they came, the brighter glowed the lights inside. After a couple of steps, the group felt that at the back there was something strange and looked at them purple eyes, slowly opening mouth. The horse reared back wildly, sensing the danger, and Reva didnt obey the orders of her rider and soared higher and higher to the ceiling of the cave.
- That's what about I told you! - Solomon screamed, not trying to keep Toscana.
- This is an illusion! - said Vlad and looked evil at his friend. - Keep your horse!
- I can't do this! She doesn't want to slow down completely!
- Are you kidding me?! - Christian barely resisted a Moonlight Shadow, so he pulled into a furious gallop, - This joke is not funny!
- Chris, what's wrong with you? Go faster or you will be removed from the competition! - Vlad turned his horse back, but the dragon has been hit hard with his paw on the ground that she literally went from under the feet of horses.
- It is real! - Solomon sent his horse with the force to the earth barrier before them. Jumped over, the guy found a way out of the cave, but it was too late. The dragon ran past and three riders went deeper into the cave.
- Where is the exit and where is Sol?! - Vlad went side by side with Christian, focusing on Gerhard. - Can he see?
- Maybe Sol has managed to slip past this monster?
- So you believe that the dragon is real?
- No! But he is not too adorable!
- They are all cute in the pictures, but in real it chasing us.
- Do you have seen anyone in real life, Vlad? - the man unfolded his horse to see what was happening.
- Wait, Chris! But if he is real? Look at the cracks in the ground which he behind left! - stopped the Nazim and looked at the dragon, running to a meeting. - You are so ugly!
Dragon second ago seemed huge living biomass appeared to be an illusion. The image of the unknown beast ran through Christian and Vlad, leaving behind a light from precious stones. Gerhard was frightened at the loss of their group, but saw how the dragon vanished.
- So, it was a trick and we'll get nothing for participation? - Vlad was some time in silent shock after seeing and clapped eyes, looking at a smiling Christian.
- Why? We'll get. Heart attack, nervous tick..what else? - the man raised his head up, - Gerhard, come down!
- What? Is that all? Where are the stones that were promised?!
- Just forget about stones!
- What will we do?! There's nothing here!
- Calm down, dad! Did you say "The main thing is participation?
Intermittent neigh of Toscana interrupted the conversation. The mare ran at full speed without the rider. Gerhard heart almost stopped by a sudden scream of Vlad to Solomon, who traveled to the exit on foot and carried a small chest. First came Gerhard, selecting chest and looking at it from the outside.
- And here's a stones! We have found them!
- Not we, but I...I found them while I was rolling with Tosya somewhere under the cave. I have never passed so far! - Solomon put a hand on Vlad's shoulder and his whole appearance showed fatigue.
- Are you allright? Then we can get out..never know what other surprises waiting us here. - Christian looked at the whole team, - But the chest still does not belong to us, it will have to pay.
- Why? We found him, so he is ours! - Gerhard brought the thing to his chest.
- Because it's stated in the conditions of the hunt.
- But we swept with the wind! - sang Vlad and patted the neck of the Nazim.
- In the end, we all got more horror than impressions, I even don't need any treasure! - Sol squeezed Vlad's shoulder.
- Solomon, after all I'll make you clean the horses and armor fully! - removed the hand of the guy with his shoulder and went away.
- What you all freezed there? Do you like to stay here? As you wish, but I went away. - Christian launched stallion and sent it to the exit from the cave.
- Wait for us! - shouted in one voice Vlad and Sol, leaving Gerhard behind, which trailed behind the others to the exit from the cave.


Annual Dragon Hunt 2014 - Autumn Edition -


Rider Vlad Schultz 

Equipment for hunting by Moon-illusion

My contacts



2013SummaryofArt by Moon-illusion


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